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Our CuteKid Spotlights

We know our kids are the cutest, but did you know CuteKids are making it big in the entertainment world too?

CuteKids have been seen on TV & movies, in print & online. Check out these cuties starring for GAP, JC Penney, Nickelodeon, Gerber & so much more. Share a Spotlight

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CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKid™ Leah
From Maryland

Way to go to a VIP Kids Club member!

CuteKid Leah is a true VIP Kids Club success story.
As a VIP, she received elevated visibility to The CuteKid Casting Team and our modeling & talent contacts. With the ease of access to her VIP Profile Page, we were able to fill a casting need for the Head Booker of MMG Model and Talent Management who was seeking redheads for a Glamour Magazine casting.

Leah was selected by the team at Glamour and will be featured in a magazine issue! Get your kid in on the
VIP Kids Club action & be the next CuteKid success

CuteKid™ Leah is a true VIP Kids Club success story!

CuteKid Casting Call Winners

The CuteKids™
Keyghan from AZ & Evie from MI

Way to go! CuteKids Named GAP Casting Call Winners!

We have exciting news that two of our very own CuteKids have been selected to be the new faces for the babyGap
and Gap kids. These kids went a long way since the judges narrowed down the cuteness from more than one million entrants to 20 finalists, 10 babies and 10 kids. From there,
the 4 winners have been chosen.

The babyGap girl winner, Evie and GapKids boy winner, Keyghan are CuteKid members and found out about the GAP casting call from TheCuteKid!

This is not the first time CuteKids have been selected as Gap Casting Call Winners. In past years, CuteKids have made been finalists and all 4 Gap Winners were
CuteKid members!

Cheers to another CuteKid success and more to come in the new year! We can't wait to see what's in store next for these bright and shining little stars!

The CuteKid is not affiliated with the Gap Casting Call.

CuteKids Keyghan and Evie win GAP casting call

CuteKid chosen by Marlene Wallach

The CuteKid™ Emilie from PA
& Nicole from NY

Congrats to CuteKid™ Emilie & Nicole

Congrats to our Showcase NYC Winners, Emilie and Nicole, from the Nov. CuteKid Contest!

What a great day for these 2 beautiful girls! The winners & their moms started off their special day with lunch in Manhattan with The CuteKid Casting Team Director, Judy Goss, then went to meet an agent at Wilhelmina Kids & Teens, where the girls read for her as though they were auditioning for TV. Both girls did great!

The day continued with a photo shoot across town, where the girls started becoming friends after spending time together for the first half of the day. They had a lot in common, besides the fact they are VIP Kids Club members!

After that, they got ready to meet the agents & casting directors at Showcase NYC, held at the Impossible Casting headquarters. What an opportunity they had - being put in front of major heavy hitters in the business!
Both girls did a wonderful job in front of all the clients. We are sure that Emilie & Nicole have great careers ahead of them!

CuteKid's Emilie & Nicole are the winners of Showcase NYC

CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKid™ Kristy
From Massachusetts

Congrats to CuteKid™ Kristy

Way to go Kristy!

We recently sent members an email letting them know about a super casting call for Stride Rite/Robeez! Kristy´s mom entered her photo and she was selected!

This was the first casting call Kristy ever entered and she was picked. Her family was so surprised and thrilled. We were told the shoot went well and it was a great experience. Kristy´s mom can´t wait to see where this will take her career! Kristy´s mom, Courtney said, “Thanks to The CuteKid! I received an e-mail about the casting call in Boston for Stride Rite. My daughter, Kristy, was chosen and we are so excited!
Thank You for this great opportunity!

CuteKid Kristy wins Stride Rite/Robeez casting call

The CuteKid™ Cory
From New York

Congrats to CuteKid™ Cory

Way to go Cory! This cutie was recently signed by Ikon Models in NYC and booked a job for Conway!

Cory was spotted by The CuteKid Casting Team to be proposed to Ikon. Ikon just loved him and he was sent for a Conway booking. Cory can now be seen in ads in the windows of over 30 Conway stores!

His mom was thrilled at her cutie´s success
& thanks the CuteKid!

Get your kid spotted too. By joining the CuteKid VIP Kids Club, your child will have an extra edge for casting opportunities. See how to become a VIP.

We wish Cory continued success!

CuteKid Cory signed by Ikon Models in NYC

CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKid™ Chloe
From New Jersey

Congrats to CuteKid™ Chloe

Chloe was chosen by Marlene Wallach, Pres. of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens for a modeling contract as part of The CuteKid NYC Fashion Week Model Search Experience.

As a CuteKid VIP Kids Club Member, Chloe´s photo stood out to our Casting Team & was passed along to be considered for the modeling contract. The CuteKid Casting Team surely has the eye for what agencies are seeking... Chloe was signed!

We can´t wait to see what comes next for little Chloe... she is surely in for a successful career.

CuteKid Chloe picked by Marlene Wallach

CuteKid chosen by Marlene Wallach

The CuteKids™ Tyrah, Kaylea, Jocelyn & Teagan

We made sweet dreams come true for CuteKids! These super-cuties were flown to NYC for an Exclusive Photo Shoot with Pastry Shoes!

We held a casting call just for CuteKids. All you had to do was have fresh photos in your account for the chance to be whisked away to New York City & get paid to be in a pro photo shoot at a super-cute sweets shop for PASTRY, the chic & unique kids shoes company owned by the famous
Angela & Vanessa Simmons.

The photos from the shoot will appear in stores, in banners & videos on the web & may be in print ads! Way to go to our winners, Tyrah, Kaylea, Jocelyn & Teagan!

“Tyrah was spotted on The CuteKid... all we had to do was enter a photo! We're constantly keeping it fresh by updating our pictures because we are very aware of The CuteKid´s reputation for getting kids discovered.” Tyrah´s Mom, Shante

“Thanks for all your help and this opportunity. It was a blast! Hope to be able to do it again! Maybe with my boys too!” Kaylea´s mom, Danielle

CuteKids Tyrah, Kaylea, Jocelyn & Teagan for Pastry Shoes

CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKids™ Paige, Cassie, Sadie & Madison
From Illinois

Way to go to a family of cuties! 4 CuteKid sisters were signed to Babes ´N Beaus Modeling Agency thanks to The CuteKid's Exclusive Open Call!

The CuteKid, along with Top Modeling Agency, “Babes ´N Beaus” recently held an Exclusive Open Call just for CuteKids! A number of CuteKids were signed! Most notably, was this group of sisters.
They were ALL signed & are on their way to becoming the next child models!

Their proud mom said, "Thanks to The CuteKid Casting Team, I got the best gift a mother could dream for. We attended The CuteKid Open Call for Babes ´N Beaus of Chicago & all 4 of my daughters were signed! We're so excited & look forward to our new agents! We have nothing but love & gratitude for The CuteKid for making this happen!"

We wish these siblings future success.

Paige, Cassie, Sadie & Madison Babes N Beaus Agency

The CuteKid™ Herniyah
From Florida

Congrats to CuteKid Herniyah!

Way to go and congratulations to another CuteKid success! This super cute girl has had great success since becoming a member of The CuteKid. She has appeared in ads for Huggies & has done work for Kohl´s. Her family is so proud and are thrilled that we are featuring their little cutie on the CuteKid site. Herniyah was also recently chosen as our newest Facebook Profile Photo winner! She was entered for free by her dad who said, “I am very excited, but most of all I´m surprised!”

We can´t wait to see what´s next for this little star!

Cute Kid Photo of Herniyah for Kohls and Huggies

The CuteKid™ JoVahn
From Texas

Congrats to CuteKid™ JoVahn

Three cheers for a new CuteKid success! The CuteKid held a Model Search in TX recently with reps from The Campbell Agency present. 3-year-old JoVahn was selected to be part of a fashion show, but was not signed with the agency at that time... But then... Judy Goss, CuteKid Judge & Casting Team Director, spotted a fresh new pic of him on The CuteKid & showed Campbell how cute he looked with his new haircut. They remembered how animated he was at the fashion show & decided to represent him!

Mom said, "Because of TheCuteKid, JoVahn´s on his way to launching his modeling career with The Campbell Agency in Dallas. We're honored that TheCuteKid has opened these doors. Timing & patience is everything in this business. Having TheCuteKid to support us has made the hard work worth it all! You certainly have a great reputation in this industry. What an impact you've made on his life & career. TheCuteKid is an invaluable resource for up & coming models. Thank you!"

We look forward to hearing about JoVahn´s success with the agency.

Cute Kid Photo of JoVahn The Campbell Agency

The CuteKid™ Bella-Mae
From Arkansas

Congrats to CuteKid™ Bella-Mae!

Congrats to Bella-Mae, she's a new Ikon
thanks to being spotted by The CuteKid Casting Team!

Her mom told us, "My daughter got signed to be an Ikon model thanks to your site! We submitted her photo to the casting & they accepted us! Because of you, my 1-year-old has her foot in the door for a very bright future! Bella-Mae also models for a cause- 'Woobie Wear', the hair accessory company that is the sweeping the nation chose Bella-Mae to model for them. Woobie Wear donates their hair accessories to girls battling cancer. Bella-Mae is so proud to model for such an amazing company."

This cutie is going places... what will be next?
We wish her success!

We can't wait to hear more from this new model!

Cute Kid Photo of Bella-Mae for Ikon Model Management

The CuteKid™ Ashley
From Texas

Congrats to CuteKid™ Ashley!

Way to go Ashley! The CuteKid teamed up with The Campbell Agency at one of our Model Searches in TX. They signed a bunch of cuties after choosing their #1 winner. Ashley was with her mom at the model search and Campbell loved her! Ashley has been a very busy girl. Since signing with the Campbell Agency, she has done work for Educational Insight & had several appointments for JC Penney. She will be included on the Campbell Agency's website for the upcoming year.

Mom said, "Ashley entered the CuteKid contest a couple of times & really enjoyed being a part of the Model Search. We were so excited when we received the call that she was picked as one of the finalists & even more ecstatic when we received the call to have the opportunity to work with the Campbell Agency. We appreciate all the hard work & efforts of the CuteKid staff to bring forth all the great opportunities & information through the website & different contests!"

We can't wait to hear more from this
new model!

Cute Kid Photo of Ashley for The Campbell Agency

The CuteKid™Tyree
From New Jersey

Congrats to CuteKid™ Tyree!

Way to go to a newly signed CuteKid model!
Congratulations to Tyree, who recently got signed with IKON Model Management in New York City! Tyree's mother is constantly checking in with our CuteKid blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and got discovered when she sent in Tyree's pictures for a casting call! And she did not send in professional pictures.

Marketing your child continually is incredibly important for getting exposure - Tyree did not get selected for the casting call that day, but the agency holding the casting decided they wanted to sign him on anyway! We can't wait to see Tyree's first booking! He's a star in the making.

Cute Kid Photo of Tyree for Ikon Model Management

The CuteKid™ Emily
From New York

Congrats to CuteKid™ Emily!

Way to go Emily! This sweet CuteKid had modeled for Fisher-Price in the past and we shared her spotlight with our members. She was hired again for a recent ad shoot! She modeled for photos for the Fisher-Price activity center on their website and on the product box.

Mom said, “Emily has been such a blessing in our lives. She has a wonderful personality and we love having her in our family. Her smile can light up a room!

We wish CuteKid Emily even more success with Fisher-Price and in other future modeling campaigns.

Cute Kid Photo of Emily for Fisher Price

The CuteKid™ Gabrielle
From Washington

Congrats to CuteKid™ Gabrielle!

Gabrielle was a Regis & Kelly Beautiful Baby Search Finalist. The 4 finalists won $25,000 towards their college education and a year’s supply of Gerber products. The Grand Prize winner, Maggie Sue, was awarded $125,000 towards her college education and will be featured on the cover of Parenting Early Years magazine.

Maggie Sue Regis and Kelly Winner

Congrats to all the cute finalists and the overall winner. We wish future success for Gabrielle...
she was a top cutie among thousands of Regis & Kelly entrants & we are sure she’ll be going places!

Cute Kid Photo of Gabrielle for Regis and Kelly

CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKid™ Jaden
From Texas

Congratulations to Jaden!

Jaden was the winner of The CuteKid National Model Search in TX at the Grapevine Mills Mall and won a 1-year modeling contract with The Campbell Agency plus $500! She has recently landed a modeling job with JC Penney! She is a fun loving 3-year-old with tons and tons of personality.

Jaden’s mom said, “Jaden is an amazing child that touches everyone’s heart she comes in contact with in her own unique way. She’s the definition of a CuteKid!

The CuteKid wishes her continued success!

Cute Kid Photo of Jaden for JCPenny

The CuteKid™ Jessica
From Connecticut

Congrats to CuteKid Jessica!

Way to go Jessica! This super cute kid was recently in a music video on VH1. She starred in Rob Thomas’ video for his song, “Someday”. Jessica’s most recent work was in a School of Visual Arts student film she just wrapped where she had the lead role. She also recently modeled in a “Kirstie Kelly for Disney” runway show. Jessica has a signed manager, Parkside Talent, and she freelances through Baker Management.

Her mom said, “Jessica is very enthusiastic and focused on her acting and performing. She lights up in front of the cameras... it’s amazing!”

We can’t wait to see what Jessica will do next. We wish her great success.

Cute Kid Photo of Jessica for VH1

CuteKid Casting Call Winner

The CuteKid™ Taylor
From Louisiana

Congrats to CuteKid Taylor!

Way to go Taylor! Taylor’s Mom responded to a query posted by CuteKid judge & former Ford agent, Judy Goss. She was seeking kids for agency representation in New Orleans. Taylor’s photo was chosen, and Judy proposed her to the Fame Agency. They loved her and she was signed!

We wish Taylor the very best for a long and successful career as a model.

Cute Kid Photo of Taylor for Fame Agency

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